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How dopey is Dastyari?

Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari reckons old mate Huang Xiangmo may be a Chinese Government "agent of influence". You think, Sam? What gave it away? But there's a lot more to come out of ICAC. And climate muppet Greta Thunberg has arrived safe and sound and super serious in New York. Yay! Let the hectoring begin ...

Lectures from billionaire hypocrites

Australians can do anything when we come together – everything except have a civil conversation. And as if being lectured by billionaires about climate change isn’t bad enough, now we’re being lectured by a billionaire who owns an airline.

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Best post-mortem ever

Labor’s 2019 election post-mortem by Emerson and Weatherill is a fantastic analysis of Shorten’s campaign that the media got horrifically wrong

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When Yeltsin went to a supermarket

Today we defend billionaires against the economic dumb-dumbs at The Guardian, why Yeltsin going to a supermarket changed the world, and did 11,000 scientists really signs paper to “fight climate change”?

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Ride of the Woke-iries

Violent fascists take over the streets of Melbourne again – isn’t it time they were sent a bill? And you know cancel culture’s gone too far when even Barack Obama says the woke need to wake up to themselves.

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The filthy fascists of Melbourne

Melbourne’s anti-mining protestors aren’t just filthy disgusting fascists, they’re also the dumbest people in Australia … and why Ken Wyatt’s ‘voice to government’ was pure genius, until he screwed it up with the same old voices.

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Taylor is toast

The brown stuff’s hit the whirly thing for Angus Taylor – what the hell was going on in his office? How much does China love coal? And learning from our moral superiors – the actoravists join Extinction Rebellion, but which car did they take to get there?

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Dutton Derangement Syndrome is contagious

Today we examine Australia’s Trump – Peter Dutton, a man who creates obsessive, frothing, hilarious lefty hate … Setka leaves the ALP but forgets his wallet … and a court rules that racist transgender loon bag Jessica Yaniv has to wax her own testicles (isn’t 2019 awesome!)

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Kristina Keneally’s kase krumbles kompletely

KK has been making hay against Dutton over medevac and airport asylum seekers. But in just two days this week, her entire case has crumbled. And if you thought Greta Thunberg was being manipulated, wait till you hear what they’re doing with preschoolers in Sydney.

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Right to Know is not about you

Why the Right to Know campaign has nothing to do with free speech, the shocking truth about medivac and Procter & Gamble gives in to the woke brigade again – this time, hurting women.

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