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How dopey is Dastyari?

Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari reckons old mate Huang Xiangmo may be a Chinese Government “agent of influence”. You think, Sam? What gave it away? But there’s a lot more to come out of ICAC. And climate muppet Greta Thunberg has arrived safe and sound and super serious in New York. Yay! Let the hectoring begin …

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Q&A beclowns itself with CCP apologist

Q&A last night gave a forum to an apologist for the Chinese Communist Party and philosopher AC Grayling, who thinks democracy is under threat (when people don’t agree with him). It’s time we called time on Q&A. And why recycling is the next green boondoggle.

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Hastie too slow on China

Andrew Hastie’s commentary on China highlights how sleepy, arrogant and unprepared the West was for the inevitable rise of China, which is now spreading its influence everywhere. And why these protestors are dangerous for politics

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POD Was Bob Carr used by the CCP?

Bob Carr can pretend that he wasn’t a propaganda tool for the Chinese Government, but if it walks like a Peking duck and … you get the rest. And Burnside resigns from the racist and sexist Savage Club to join a drum circle (maybe)

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NZ bans Huawei from 5G project

NZ has banned Huawei from a 5G project, as Australia did earlier with the NBN. Huawei is not a victim of western paranoia, but fear of a Chinese Government with unbridled power.

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