UPDATE 2 January 2019

Bad news, party cats … apparently, the Zeller-Nikolov hypothesis is wrong.

Heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking.


In 2005, Robin Warren, a pathologist from Perth, and Barry Marshall, a senior research fellow at the University of Western Australia, were awarded a Nobel Prize for their 1982 discovery of Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium which causes stomach inflammations and ulcers.

It changed the world.

Until Robin and Marshall, science confidently said stress caused ulcers. That’s how science is meant to work. A theory exists (stress = ulcers) and it is tested. It might be right, it might be wrong, but it has to be tested, proven or invalidated.

So what if everything you were taught about global warming was wrong?

What if the climate models are as inaccurate as their predictions?

It would be comedy gold.

And how much would it change the world?

Meet Dr Karl Zeller and Dr Ned Nikolov and their groovy theory about global warming. This isn’t to say they’re correct, but it is wroth having a think about … a world without global warming.

The Zeller-Nikolov hypothesis

According to Dr Karl Zeller and Dr Ned Nikolov climate scientists have got it all wrong. And have had it wrong since the CO2 = warming theory first began life in the late 19th century.

Here’s their theory:

Zeller and Nikolov have found that the gaseous composition of atmospheres is immaterial to determining long-term average temperatures. For example, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, while Earth’s atmosphere contains only .04% carbon dioxide, yet those vast differences are irrelevant to the mathematical calculations required to determine average temperatures. This mathematical proof tells us that even though Venus has 2,412 times more carbon dioxide than Earth measured as a percentage of its atmosphere, that CO2 has no measurable effects on its average long-term temperature.

Zeller and Nikolov claim that carbon dioxide and all the other atmospheric gases only contribute to temperature by their physical mass and resultant atmospheric pressure. They point out that their predictions for planets and moons are accurate to within one degree Celsius, a confidence-inspiring finding so precise that coincidence can reasonably be ruled out.

The Zeller-Nikolov discovery means that Earth’s atmosphere keeps us warm via gas-compression heating under the weight of Earth’s approximately 300-mile-thick atmosphere, not by the greenhouse effect. An actual greenhouse has a glass wall enclosing it. Earth has no enclosure and is open to space, so the two scientists suggest that the term “greenhouse effect” be replaced by “atmospheric thermal enhancement.” Heat is created by compressing atmospheric gases through the pull of gravity. Similarly, in a diesel engine a piston is used to compress gases to generate enough heat to eliminate the need for a spark plug. The tremendous gravitational pull on the enormous mass of Earth’s atmosphere combined with solar radiation warms our planet just enough to allow carbon-based life forms to flourish.

Read the whole article.

Dear God, let them be right

If they’re right – a big if – the entire world will flip on its axis.

For a start, it would mean Al Gore and Tim Flannery would be wrong. Really, really wrong! What are the chances of that?

It would mean possibly hundreds of scientists going to jail for fraud. As well as politicians who knowingly perpetrated the biggest fraud in the history of everything. If they’re right, Orange is the New Green.

On that alone, start saying your prayers that Nikolov and Zeller are right.

It would mean every solar panel and every bird-murdering whirly thing could be sold for scrap.

Electricity would be cheap again.

Life would return to normal.

On the other hand, they might be wrong.