When Liberal MP Craig Kelly said Tuvalu wasn’t sinking – it was growing – in defiance of the catastrophists’ mantra, the ABC must have almost wet itself.

Collectively, of course.

What a goose! DENIER!

You might have heard about Tuvalu sinking from scientificarians at:

  • The Government of Tuvalu: New Zealand is likely to take in some of the inhabitants of a tiny Pacific island nation whose homes are being swallowed by rising sea levels – unlike Australia which has shut them out. The Tuvaluan Government last year appealed to Australia and New Zealand authorities to provide permanent homes for at least 3000 people, and possibly its whole population, within the next ten years.
  • News.com.au: A large swath of Pacific Island nations are slowly being eaten away until residents will be forced to evacuate and the islands eventually sink into the sea — and it’s coming sooner than we think. This modern-day Atlantis is thanks to sea levels across small island nations that have seen a dramatic rise over the past few decades, a rate of up to 3-4 times larger than the global average. Tuvalu, in the western Pacific Ocean, will reportedly be uninhabitable by 2050, while its island neighbour Kiribati, is expected to be fully submerged by 2100.
  • The BBC.

But … what if Kelly was right.

But surely Craig Kelly was wrong

This was a job for the ABC Fact Check unit.

They were going to show that buffoonery buffoon who was boss. You don’t mess with the ABC … and then the results came back:

The claim

Liberal MP and climate sceptic Craig Kelly made headlines in November when he was caught on tape mocking “lefties” for exaggerating the effects of climate change.

Speaking at a local party event, audio of which was leaked to the Guardian, Mr Kelly set out to debunk several justifications for climate change action, including the argument that Tuvalu, the Pacific island nation, was slipping beneath the sea.

“The science tells us that Tuvalu, which I often hear about, is actually growing not sinking,” he told colleagues.

Is Tuvalu growing? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.

The verdict

Mr Kelly’s claim checks out.

It sure does. Do read on … and enjoy every moment.