This is Greta Thunberg. She is now the face of COP24, the latest hero of climate catastrophists.

Listen to the tone of her voice. The drone, the threatening tone …

… the ‘tomorrow belongs to me’ certainty.

This is why they bring children to debates. They can get away with talk like that. From an adult, it would be laughable.

It’s why children were trotted out after the Parkland shooting to make the case for gun reform, especially the hardened face of David Hogg.

It’s harder to debate children, harder still when they’ve been through an event like a shooting.

People like Greta and David change the world, even though they really don’t know anything about it.

Who is Greta

According to the New Yorker:

Fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg has been protesting for more than a month. Before the country’s parliamentary election on September 9th, she went on strike and sat on the steps of the parliament building, in Stockholm, every day during school hours for three weeks. Since the election, she has returned to school for four days a week; she now spends her Fridays on the steps of parliament. She is demanding that the government undertake a radical response to climate change.

She is the reason the climate strike was held last week across Australia, and why children yesterday protested in Parliament House in Canberra to ‘Stop Adani’. Putting a child’s face on a protest means they aren’t asked tough questions. It means they can get away with outrageous claims.

If you’re a politician, of course, you don’t go to the children to speak (or tell them what’s what), you go to listen, because children are wise.

No, children know what they’re told. That’s not wisdom – that’s regurgitation. They might know some stuff, but they don’t know a lot of stuff. Most of what they know is what they have been told and they aren’t going to get a contrary view in a modern school. But that’s for another day.

Fossil found in Poland

So it goes with children, so it goes with celebrities.

That’s why they bring in luminaries like Sir David Attenborough. Having worked with animals since the Ark, he now completely misunderstands the human world, but has the gravitas to say stupid things and largely get away with it.

But they’re still stupid:

“[The world’s people] want you – the decision makers – to act now. They’re behind you … supporting you in making tough decisions but also willing to make sacrifices in their daily lives”

Ummm … has he seen what’s happening in Paris?

Not sure anyone is wanting to make sacrifices, which isn’t to say we aren’t happy for him to make sacrifices.

He can make as many as he wants as often as he wants … hell, the more he cuts the more we can emit, right?

Richard Dawkins always loves strawmen, so presents this ‘argument’:

Notice that at no point does he address whether Attenborough is right; that his alarmism is correct; just that he’s better than Trump so why would you believe Trump?

That’s not science. That’s an appeal to a higher power … which Dawkins says he is against.

Greta – or someone like Greta – will be making your life miserable for years to come. Why? Because people like her always get airtime, while people like you have jobs, go to work and earn a living. And pay taxes to support renewable energy which makes your electricity bills higher.

She may not change your world today, but she will in time. And there are more Gretas every day.

We are being suckered.

What Greta’s world looks like

Greta and people like her want you live a miserable life because Greta’s world is miserable.

Greta doesn’t eat meat. She doesn’t fly and now, neither does her family. Her mother used to be an opera singer but unless you can bus it to the theatre, scope to work is limited. They ride bikes wherever they can.

Eating meat, travelling and see the world, having a car used to be aspirations. In Greta’s world, they’re signs of sin.

Until she protested and people brought her food, she tended to eat the same food all the time. As her mother has suggested, she is slightly autistic.

It’s all very wartime austerity. And cultish.

As the New Yorker observed:

Thunberg’s is a voice of unaccommodating clarity that reminds me of Soviet-era dissidents. I suspect that some of them were also on the spectrum, which in their case meant acting irrationally in the framework of the Soviet system—risking their lives to make the doomed demand that the country act in accordance with its written laws and declared ideals. Thunberg smiled in recognition when I told her this.

She’s not a dissident, she’s an eco-fascist

The Australian says of her:

Greta Thunberg, 15, is being showcased at the Katowice climate conference in Poland like a Nordic child-Yoda with a message of doom.

She chides politicians for acting like children and has been embraced by the climate establishment, fawned upon by media and granted a private audience with UN Secretary-General, António Guterres.

Thunberg is told by her minders she is a “sixth sigma person” whose knowledge of the climate is six standard deviations out from the average.

Seriously, what the ever-long hell does that even mean?

She laments the ignorance of politicians and journalists who do not know their Keeling curve from the albedo.

Just remember, this isn’t a religion … it’s waaaaaay stranger than that.

And don’t just blame the children, the ‘adults’ aren’t much better: