Meet Mike from Sydney

Mike works with computers.

You can tell because he wears a baseball cap with a jacket. Cool, Mike.

This is Mike’s company

Mike is good with computers

Forbes reckons he’s worth almost US$6 billion.


You can buy a lot of things with US$6 billion.

So Mike bought a house

Mike paid $100 million for a house. Sydney is a tough market, but not for Mike. On ya, Mike.

He didn’t even need a loan from the Bank of Mum and Dad. Or a mortgage.

Next day, Mike bought another house

But this was a cheap house. It only cost $17 million.

Strewth, leave a house for the rest of us, Mike. Don’t buy all of them!

Mike likes renewable energy

Like it? Mike’s fair dinkum about renewable energy.

He even started a company called Fair Dinkum Power. Because he’s fair dinkum. About power.

He even made a logo.

He was even on Q&A

And he showed how fair dinkum he was by asking the former PM a question.

Mike wants a carbon price

Mike likes carbon taxes and subsidies for renewables even though it will make electricity cost more for people who don’t live in $100 million houses.

He wants you to pay a carbon tax. Because everyone loves carbon prices, just ask the French. C’est si bon!

That’s weird … Mike doesn’t like tax

In 2017 Atlassian paid no tax.

In 2016 Atlassian paid no tax.

” … Australian-born software developer Atlassian, which turned over revenue of $600 million and had taxable income of $87.4 million …” but didn’t pay any tax.

In 2015 Altassian paid no tax.

“… data released by the ATO shows that in the 2014-15 financial year, Atlassian was one of around 35% of the top 1900 companies in Australia earning $100 million or more not paying tax. The company reported income of $367.4 million, and a taxable income of $34.5 million, but no payable tax. A spokesperson for Atlassian confirmed to Crikey that no tax was paid because of research and development offsets that mean the company had no tax to pay …”

In 2014 Atlassian paid $156,000 in tax. Thanks, Mike.

“… In financial 2014, Atlassian earned revenue of $US215m ($300m) for an operating income of $US21m. But $US19m in financing costs for the Aussie company slashed its bottom line to just under $US3m, on which Atlassian paid just $US159,000 in Aussie tax …”

It’s all good

It’s cool, not paying tax. Especially when it’s legal. Which it surely is.

After all, everyone loved this from the big fella, KP (watch from 1’05”).

$100 million glass houses

But when you buy a $100 million house, and your company doesn’t pay tax, you might wanna check yourself before you ask taxpayers to subsidise your hobby to save the world while asking the same taxpayers to cough up for a carbon tax.

Here’s an idea … If you want us to pay more tax, you might start by showing us how it’s done.

Just a suggestion.