Author: David Murtagh

Fee, fi,fo, Pfizer

As eastern Australia goes into week four or five (does it matter, any more?) of a two-week lockdown to flatten the curve, the only way out is the vaccine. Finally, we have light at the end of the tunnel. But what have we signed up for? A leaked agreement from Pfizer shows what government are prepared to sign away to make sure you can get the jab. Anthony Albanese gets serious about winning the next election, and the ABC’s budget bulldust.

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Lesbians don’t like doodles

BREAKING: Lesbians don’t like dick … Which is why they have an issue with trans “women” at a lesbian even because they, um, aren’t women, aren’t lesbians, and they have a penis. Apart from...

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Let’s do the lockdown again

COVID marches through the Greek alphabet as state government have wet dreams about Germany in the 30s, ‘climate action’ is legislated from the bench and a creepy lawyer goes to prison. But there are so many possibilities. Which one was it?

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This is The Daily Breakdown

If you only listen to the mainstream media you aren’t getting less than the news, you’re getting a diet of bulldust. At The Breakdown, my goal is to break through the lies with analysis that will put you ahead of the game. Or not.

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