I’M TAKING A BREAK (but not permanently)

The Daily Breakdown is on hiatus at the moment. The Breakdown will return and it will be bigger and better than ever in the New Year.

Thanks for all your support over the year.

If you would like to contact me, email feedmeATdailybreakdown.com.au.

About The Breakdown

The Daily Breakdown podcast is written, produced and hosted by me, David Murtagh, a Canberra-based journalist and podcaster.

I started The Daily Breakdown in September 2018 as a blog. It began life as an outlet for anger and frustration.

If you’re a conservative, you know the feeling because you see the evidence every day that the mainstream media has let you down. I found that I’d read a story or see a report and get the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. So I’d investigate further only to find that the watchdogs had become lapdogs. This isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been happening for decades, but the election of Donald Trump made it worse.

The media operates under the mistaken and misguided belief that their role is to be our moral guides.

They feel they have a moral duty to change you because they think you’re morally inferior because you don’t believe what they believe.

This is bunkum.

So to further my reach, I started The Daily Breakdown podcast in January 2019.

Listen to the podcast

The Breakdown is a 20-30 minute analysis of the big news stories of the day.

The purpose is to bring you elements of a story the media isn’t covering or isn’t asking about. Alarmingly, they miss a lot.

Listen to The Daily breakdown and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

I hope you’ll join me, and if you have any tips email feedmeATdailybreakdown.com.au.

David Murtagh