Month: April 2021

The week that went: Activists are relentless

This week has proved that activists are relentless. They will use any misery, import any crisis or event to further their cause, whether it is trying to stir racial issues in Australia, or redefining climate change on the sly to create a perpetual war – the fight never ends.

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The pandemic that keeps on giving

Today on the Breakdown, first it was 15 days to stop the spread, then we put hope in the vaccine to return to normal. Now it seems the vaccines will be an annual event – but even then, there are no guarantees. And the petition to ban fairy bread. It was a hoax, and absurd, so why did it take off?

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The media cements the Holgate narrative

If you have an opinion on Christine Holgate it’d better be positive or it’s misogynistic bullying – the narrative has been built and the media is building the barricades.
And how the left ruins everything. Even a children’s cartoon isn’t safe from being turned into a propaganda tool.

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This is The Daily Breakdown

If you only listen to the mainstream media you aren’t getting less than the news, you’re getting a diet of bulldust. At The Breakdown, my goal is to break through the lies with analysis that will put you ahead of the game. Or not.

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