Month: October 2019

Ride of the Woke-iries

Violent fascists take over the streets of Melbourne again – isn’t it time they were sent a bill? And you know cancel culture’s gone too far when even Barack Obama says the woke need to wake up to themselves.

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The filthy fascists of Melbourne

Melbourne’s anti-mining protestors aren’t just filthy disgusting fascists, they’re also the dumbest people in Australia … and why Ken Wyatt’s ‘voice to government’ was pure genius, until he screwed it up with the same old voices.

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Taylor is toast

The brown stuff’s hit the whirly thing for Angus Taylor – what the hell was going on in his office? How much does China love coal? And learning from our moral superiors – the actoravists join Extinction Rebellion, but which car did they take to get there?

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The db’s on the Twitters


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