Australia is fricking awesome

The move to destroy Australia Day is irresistible and its success inevitable – today we examine why. But that doesn’t mean Australia and our national day isn’t worth celebrating, because the truth is, Australia is fricking awesome.

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Cricket Australia: woke up to yourself

Cricket Australia – custodians of our national sport and the biggest Aussie chokers since Greg Norman – has decided Australia Day is ‘unsafe’. Today on The Breakdown, we have a look at what reconciliation actually means, and is it even possible. (Oh, and Biden’s first day but that’s too awful to think about.)

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The dream is over, the nightmare begins

For half the world, the nightmare is ending, for the other half, the nightmare is beginning. Today on The Breakdown, we take you through some of President BOF’s greatest hits – and how the media has covered for a man who is almost certainly compromised by China, and doesn’t see the danger right before his eyes.

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Smash all the symbols

Today on The Breakdown, why does the left hate our national symbols so much? And COVIDsafe is the latest victim of coronavirus. It died unwanted and alone. Good.

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Breakdown the lockdown

Today on The Breakdown we breakdown the lockdown – a new study has found that lockdowns aren’t as effective as people thought. So why did we pursue them and why does the threat still hand over our heads?

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The Big Tech swamp creatures go to war

After cheering the censorship of Trump, the Australian media realises Google’s “chilling market power” – self-preservation has a way of focussing the mind of even the dumbest journalists, and we analyse how Big Tech rules the swamp.

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Doubling down on a dangerous idea

Michael McCormack committed the sin of saying violence is bad no matter the perpetrator, then he said ‘all lives matter’. Today on The Breakdown, we breakdown that dangerous idea and why he’s in the poop, and why you’re a dum-dum if you’re only getting 9.5 per cent super (don’t be offended, I’m a dum-dum too).

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Guilt by association

Today on The Breakdown we breakdown Kevin Rudd’s campaign against a free media in Australia and analyse the left’s most powerful tool to silence you – guilt by association.

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Free speech needs a friend

Journalists are the last people who should be rejoicing that a sitting president has been censored, and they should be the loudest voice to keep Parler on the air. They have failed on both counts. But it seems free speech has a champion – Deputy PM Michael McCormack! Free speech might be in more trouble than we thought.

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Election 2020: The Prediction Show

Never make predictions. Especially about the future! Advice be damned – today on The Daily Breakdown Election Special I go out on a limb and make some bold predictions about a Trump win, a Trump loss and what it means beyond the election cycle.

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Look, Russians!

The NYT and Democrats are pushing another Trump-Russia conspiracy theory. So are the Mad F-ing Witches about COVID-19 in Victoria. Today on The Breakdown, we examine why they do it and why they work, and who is going to fight back? And we address the major flaw in the National Redress Scheme which shortchanges survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

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Ita’s been kidnapped

ABC Chair Ita Buttrose has released the most self-serving justification for the ABC you will ever read. There’s only reason for it – she must have been taken hostage and this is the only way she will be released.

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The ABC goes to war

They say you should never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel – it seems no one told the Morrison Government. The ABC has rallied the troops and gone to war. Today on The Breakdown I analyse how the ABC is fighting back against a paper cut as the rest of the economy is losing limbs.

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No noose is good news

Black. White. Asian. Muslim, Christian. Jew. Redhead. People are fundamentally good. But not to the left, which can see racism in every heart and every action (especially yours). Even every object. But never their own.

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