Christian Porter names his price

It took a while for Christian Porter to do the right thing, but it wasn’t morality that made him resign, it was economics. He would rather take a million from a stranger than pay his own legal bill. Porter is a leaner, not a lifter.

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Are the experts really back in charge?

Trump was an orange clown who had no idea what he was doing. But now we can relax. Take it easy. The experts are back in charge. Diplomacy is back. There’s no way they’d do something so catastrophically, monumentally dunder-headed as ceding a strategically important country like Afghanistan to the goat-rogering child-murderers of the Taliban. That’s crazy talk!

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Fee, fi,fo, Pfizer

As eastern Australia goes into week four or five (does it matter, any more?) of a two-week lockdown to flatten the curve, the only way out is the vaccine. Finally, we have light at the end of the tunnel. But what have we signed up for? A leaked agreement from Pfizer shows what government are prepared to sign away to make sure you can get the jab. Anthony Albanese gets serious about winning the next election, and the ABC’s budget bulldust.

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Lesbians don’t like doodles

BREAKING: Lesbians don’t like dick … Which is why they have an issue with trans “women” at a lesbian even because they, um, aren’t women, aren’t lesbians, and they have a penis. Apart from...

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Let’s do the lockdown again

COVID marches through the Greek alphabet as state government have wet dreams about Germany in the 30s, ‘climate action’ is legislated from the bench and a creepy lawyer goes to prison. But there are so many possibilities. Which one was it?

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Prayers for plums

Here we go again … COVID lockdowns hit NSW and the ACT, Facebook doesn’t trust you to understand satire so fact-checks testicles (yet the ABC couldn’t fact check Dark Emu, interesting), and greedy fake-frogs want your money. Oh, and as a bonus, Hunter Biden has a new job! And this one is quite lucrative … and totally above board (bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha).

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Tyranny of the experts

Scientists are our new overlords – we trust them to make decisions with cool regard only for the facts, guided by truth and knowledge. But what if these experts are as venal, shallow and weak as the rest of us?

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WHO do you trust?

For an entire year, we were told Kung Flu came from a lab. On the Breakdown this week, we investigate how this likely false report came to be accepted wisdom – and how you were silenced if you didn’t agree.

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The blue-collar by-election

The Hunter by-election was more than just a humiliation for the Greens and the climate catastrophists, it was a win for blue-collar workers and pragmatic politicians – it’s also good news for your power bills; Peter Dutton enters the climate wars; and the Bag of Farts steals a joke (and he can’t even do that right).

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The suicide of a superpower

The US is now in terminal decline – it has decided on an economic path that is certain to result in its destruction, just at the time China is in the ascendancy. This has grave implications for Australia. And we check in with the Australian Breastfeeding Association … and wish we hadn’t.

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The week that went: Activists are relentless

This week has proved that activists are relentless. They will use any misery, import any crisis or event to further their cause, whether it is trying to stir racial issues in Australia, or redefining climate change on the sly to create a perpetual war – the fight never ends.

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If you only listen to the mainstream media you aren’t getting less than the news, you’re getting a diet of bulldust. At The Breakdown, my goal is to break through the lies with analysis that will put you ahead of the game. Or not.

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